SEPTEMBER 8-11, 2015



PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE (Subject to modifications)


Tuesday, September 8


9:00a – 5:00p        Exhibitor Set-Up 


9:00a – 5:00p        Conference and Trade Show Registration

Cyber Café  

SSA Membership, State Affiliates, Products & Services Booth


1:00p – 4:00p        Social Media Boot Camp

(separate fee required)

This 3-hour session, led by Holly Ritchie-Fiorello, walks you through setting up and managing your business accounts on the most popular social media used in self storage.  The session will include:


Š      Overview of Social Media - What's new?  What's out there? Why is it important?

Š      How to setup and manage your Facebook Business Account

Š      How to setup and manage your Twitter Business Account

Š      Local Listings and Citations - What are they?

Š      What platforms should you use?

Š      How to setup Google+ My Business

(Claim your FREE Google Listing and get on maps)

Š      How to fix an incorrect Map Marker 

Š      Management Tools: Hootsuite, etc. 

Š      Audience Q&A


Holly is a University of South Florida alumnus, with over 9 years of experience in the design, development, and search engine marketing of websites and technology. Her expertise in marketing is focused on Business to Consumer relationships, and she has been serving the Self Storage Industry with the team of experts at The Storage Group.

Presenter: Holly Ritchie, The Storage Group


1:00p – 4:00p        Regional Supervisors Program

(separate fee required)

This program is designed for those who are currently (or aspire to be) overseeing more than one property and management team. This fall’s program is delivered by one of the most experienced management experts and trainers in the industry, Anne Ballard.


The program will cover: Effective strategies on motivating your team, managing and rewarding your managers, measuring results and activities, clear targets and monthly feedback, technology tools, and annual improvements list.


Motivating Your Team

• Goal Setting

• Bonus Styles & Commission Schedules

• Frequent Feedback

• The Onsite Visit

Managing & Rewarding Your Managers

• Annual and Semi Annual Awards & Prizes

Measuring Results & Activities

• Annual Reporting Schedule

Clear Targets & Monthly Feedback

• Daily Checklist

• EOM Summary


• Cash Flow Statements

• Managers Versions

Marketing Goals

• Training

• Education

• Reporting & Analyzing Effectiveness

• On and Off Site Events & Set Up

• Social Media Use

• Email Marketing

• Press Releases

Technology Tools

• District Manager for SiteLink

• Auction Pro for SiteLink

• DocuSign

• OpenTech Alliance

Annual Improvements List

• Budgeting

• Bidding

• Oversight

Presenter: Anne Ballard, Universal Storage Group


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4:00p – 6:00p        Young Leaders Group (YLG) Networking Reception

*Requires a company membership with the Self Storage Association and dues in the YLG. To join the YLG, please go to


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6:00p – 7:15p        Chairman’s VIP Reception

(Ticketed event; by invitation only)


6:00p – 7:15p        Canadian SSA Reception


Wednesday, September 9


7:00a – 5:00p        Conference and Trade Show Registration

Cyber Café 

SSA Membership, State Affiliates, Products & Services Booth


7:00a – 8:30a        Breakfast Buffet and Networking


7:30a – 8:20a        Hot Coffee/Hot Topics (2 Sessions)

                           Bring your questions and concerns to these sessions and collect new ideas to improve your business. Experienced self storage professionals will provide valuable information and insight on the topics at hand.


Session1 - Local Search: 5 Ways to Capture Leads and Leases from the Mobile Consumer

As of 2014, 56% of Self Storage searches began on mobile devices. This is an increase of 45% from Q42013 to Q42014. It’s clear that consumers now prefer to search for Self Storage units on mobile devices. This shift to mobile search will have a significant impact on website traffic, leads, and leases for companies and facilities that are not prepared.  In this session, attendees will be introduced to what they can do today, tomorrow, and in the coming weeks to capture mobile searchers and convert them quickly to move-ins.

Key learnings include:

• The behaviors and preferences of the mobile searcher

• Understanding location-based marketing

• PPC, SEO, and Social Media tactics designed to turn mobile      searchers into leads

Presenters: Kaitlyn Rogers, G5; Michelle Bakva, William Warren Group


Session 2 - Building Conversions or Small Sites

This session covers building conversions and how to make the most out of a small site.  Building Conversions – the session will cover the best way to convert existing buildings into self storage and how to maximize a site with existing buildings.  Small Sites – in this session, you’ll learn the best ways to maximize a small site to get the most square footage so you can maximize profits.

Presenter: Ken Carrell, ARE Associates


8:00a – 8:30a        Orientation for First-Time Attendees and New Members

                           This session will help make your first SSA Conference & Trade Show experience not only more enjoyable, but more productive as well. You’ll learn to maneuver through all of the program activities in a timely, efficient manner, so you’ll be able to plan your personal agenda for maximum effectiveness. Then you’ll find out how you can put your SSA membership to work for you! Learn about new programs created specifically for owners and operators, new publications, and much more.


8:45a – 10:00a      Opening Panel Session

                           “Self Storage Operational Expenses: What are they and how do they compare across the nation”

Join veteran self storage owner-operators as they dissect the details of a newly commissioned data study on self storage operational expenses. The new study details will be presented by Reis, Inc., the authors of the study. The panel will share their experiences and compare data from markets across the country.

Panelists: Ryan Severino, REIS, Inc. (Moderator); Nancy Gunning, Self Storage Plus; Robert Schoff, National Self Storage Management Inc.; Natolie Ochi, SKS Management


8:45a – 11:30a      Managers Summit

(separate fee required)

Managers will learn the 10 secrets to providing great customer service.  This fast paced interactive session will give instruction on not only how to impress our customers, but also how to handle difficult customer service situations where you might potentially lose a customer such as:

• Rent increases

• Late and lien fee charges

• Employee errors (e.g., overlocks not removed)

• Problems with other tenants

• Problem tenants (e.g., living in the space)


Managers will discover the best way to answer the phone and how to sell more effectively in our ever increasing competitive market.  This session will include working in groups to improve the sales presentation and learning how others sell their storage amenities.  The attendees will also be able to listen to sales calls and critique the presentations.  Don’t miss this opportunity to meet other storage managers and to be the best manager you can possibly be!

Presenters: Carol Mixon-Krendl, SkilCheck Services; Sue Haviland, Self Storage 101


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9:00a – 5:00p        Direct Member Lounge

Membership has its privileges, and we’re rolling out the red carpet for direct members of the national SSA with a comfortable and relaxing lounge where you can sip on a complimentary beverage before visiting the trade show or next session.

(Direct Member badge required upon entry)


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10:00a – 10:15a    Break


10:15a – 11:30a    SSA Hall of Fame Inductions

This prestigious award goes to individuals who have made outstanding contributions not only to SSA but also to the

storage industry as a whole. This year we honor Ken Nitzberg of Devon Self Storage and Mike Burnam of StorageMart Partners.


Foundation Forum Speaker: Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D.

Dr. Michelli has worked with companies like Starbucks, Zappos, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Pike Place Fish Market, and most recently Mercedez Benz.  He will share best-practices from his experience with these companies and will do it in a way that helps develop joyful and productive workplaces with a focus on the total customer experience.  Dr. Michelli’s excels in delivering his message with ease, humor, and the expertise of someone who "lives" client experience and leadership excellence.




11:30a – 3:00p      Trade Show and Lunch

A buffet lunch will be served in the trade show hall. Tickets required for lunch.


1:30p – 6:00p        Large Owners Council Meeting

                           (For members who own 10 or more facilities, and are dues-paying members of the LOC. Reception to follow.)


3:15p - 4:30p        Roundtable Discussions (Educational Roundtables)

Just about every self storage topic you can think of will be addressed in small discussion groups led by knowledgeable facilitators. Table-hopping several times during the session offers you a chance to get as much information as possible on a variety of topics. We have nearly 30 topics…so select the tables where the discussion will benefit you most! We will ring the bell at regular intervals to allow you to participate in different table discussions.


4:45p – 6:00p        Concurrent Educational Session – Managers Track

“What’s in a Word?”

A "grace period" can get me sued and other terms not to use in your Self Storage vocabulary. Many terms we take for granted in our Self Storage operations have unintended meanings that we only find out about once a lawsuit is filed. This session looks at 15 terms that can get you in trouble and tell you how to avoid them.

Presenter: Jeffrey Greenberger, Katz Greenberger and Norton LP


4:45p – 6:00p        Concurrent Educational Session – Owners Track

“Analysis of the Public Self Storage Companies to Private Operators”

This session will review public self storage company comparisons to private operators including specific examples of investment market transactions, recent earnings analysis, new management and operational initiatives and capital market activities - analysis of the most recent earning results and comparing the public self storage companies: Public Storage, Extra Space, CubeSmart and Sovran, to private operators. You will be given examples of actual transactions in various regions nationwide including new certificate-of-occupancy transactions.  Marc will share highlights of new operational and management initiatives, and specific capital market activities to help private operators compare and compete with public companies.

                           Presenter: Marc Boorstein, MJ Partners


4:45p – 6:00p        Nevada Self Storage Association Meeting / Educational Session



6:30p – 7:45p        SSA’s 40th Anniversary Reception


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6:30p – 7:45p        Nevada Self Storage Association Annual Legislative Fundraiser


Thursday, September 10


7:00a – 3:30p        Conference and Trade Show Registration


7:00a – 5:00p        Cyber Café

SSA Membership, State Affiliates, Products & Services Booth


7:00a – 8:15a        Breakfast Buffet and Networking


7:30a – 8:20a        Hot Coffee/Hot Topics (2 sessions)

Bring your questions and concerns to these sessions and collect new ideas to improve your business. Experienced self storage professionals will provide valuable information and insight on the topics at hand.


Session 1 – Maximizing Revenues

This session will include rental rate strategies, pushing the envelope, and measuring the results.  We’ll also cover how and when to make your changes to your rate plan and how to explain these changes to your customers with confidence.

                           Michael Monteith, American Classic Self Storage


Session 2 - Manager Wage and Compensation

In this session, we’ll discuss manager wages, compensation, and bonus structures.  This includes how to find great people and how to entice them to work in self storage.

Carol Mixon-Krendl, SkilCheck Services


8:30a - 9:45a        Exhibitor Sponsored Roundtable Discussions

We’ve heard your requests for additional time with our exhibitors so we’re changing our format for the second day of Roundtable discussions. Covering a wide array of product and service topics, these roundtable discussions will present additional opportunities to talk to our exhibitors about your specific needs. A list of exhibitor tables will be available prior to this session so you can plan accordingly and get your questions answered in this intimate setting.


8:30a – 10:00a      Canadian Topic Panel Discussions


9:00a – 5:00p        Direct Member Lounge

(Direct Member badge required upon entry)


Generously Sponsored by Chateau Products

9:45a – 10:00a      Break


10:00a – 11:30a    KEYNOTE SPEAKER

Ronald L. Havner, Jr., Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President, Public Storage




11:30a – 2:30p      Trade Show and Lunch

A buffet lunch will be served in the trade show hall. Tickets required for lunch.


2:30p – 5:00p        Young Leaders Group (YLG) Meeting

*Requires a company membership with the Self Storage Association and dues in the YLG. To join the YLG, please go to


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2:45p – 4:00p        Concurrent Educational Session – Managers Track

“Essential Tools for Today's Self Storage Manager”

Every self storage manager needs to be equipped with a special set of tools. From technology and marketing materials, to appearance and attitude. Learn what today’s managers can and should use, and how to use them effectively to make great impressions, close sales, and win the day.

                           Presenter: Stacie Maxwell, Universal Storage Group


2:45p – 4:00p        Concurrent Educational Session – Owners Track

“How Deals Get Done: Transaction Structures from the Run-of-the-Mill to the Ultra-Creative”

This program will focus on case studies of actual self storage sale transactions.  Everyone wants to know how the “deal went down” and this is the presentation that will show and tell all with actual transaction deal points. The audience will gain insight on how various self storage transactions are structured- from the setup of the purchasing entity; to property information; negotiation points; potential deal killers and how to handle such obstacles; financing structures and acquisition strategies.  We will cover how taxes are eliminated, reduced or deferred with the various structures.  Finally, the buyer’s returns and equity growth will be outlined and quantified.

                                                           Highlights of transaction structures will include:

                                             • Taking advantage of the management upside of older properties

                                             • How to acquire self storage properties with no money down

                                             • Small rural development with minimal cash requirements

                                             • Making money with satellite properties

                                             • Bank workouts – the good, the bad and the ugly

                                             • How to save 3.2mm in capital gains in one transaction!

                                             • Section 1031 tax deferred exchanges

                                             • The magic “equity explosion” with expansion capability

         • Transactions from $125,000 to 6,700,000 (Something for all attendees)

                                    John Gilliland, Investment Real Estate LLC


4:00p – 4:15p        Break


4:15p – 5:30p        Concurrent Educational Session – Managers Track

“Customer Experience and Corporate Culture”

Explore the importance of culture and customer service as difference makers within an organization. This session will present critical elements of building and enhancing a strong customer service culture based on the speaker’s experience leading a WOW! culture in the financial and storage industries.  The session focuses on the following key elements of a culture’s success: standing out to your customers, consistency of messaging and branding, a culture champion, and leadership support. A strong internal culture sets the foundation for creating unique and unforgettable customer experiences which turns your customers into fans!

                           Presenter: Tim Killion, CubeSmart


4:15p– 5:30p         Concurrent Educational Session – Owners Track

“Marketing Metrics and Return On Investment: An Industry Perspective”

Many self-storage companies still do not track the results of their marketing efforts. However, they are not alone. Many big businesses spend tons of money on marketing, but do not know if it is worth the “investment”.  Understanding your customer behavior and what that means to your bottom line is becoming more and more important as the market becomes more competitive. Are you spending your money in the right places? If you aren’t tracking your efforts you can’t answer that question. This panel will provide insight based on their own experience and what they have learned about our industry. So key top takeaways will include:

Š        Marketing metrics you should master

Š        Standard ROI benchmarks

Š        When and how to report results

Š        How to calculate your individual ROI

Panelists: John Manes, The Jenkins Organization (Moderator), Christina Alvino, Locktite Storage, Dayna Dukett, The Storage Web; Phil Murphy, Next Door Storage & Call Potential


4:15p – 5:30p        Mid-Sized Owners Group (MSOG) Panel Session

(by invitation only, RSVP required)

“Positioning your Company’s Operations for Growth”

Operators with 2-9 facilities will be invited to join this session focused on the essentials of operating a mid-sized operation and the tools needed to grow, including technology considerations, human resources and operations and development.

Panelists: Jay Fulcher, Development-Management Inc.; AJ Osborne, Keylock Storage Holdings, LLC; John Lugar, Virginia Varsity Self Storage


This MSOG session generously sponsored by our Partner Plus Sponsors


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5:15p – 7:15p        Young Leaders Group (YLG) Offsite Networking Reception

FIZZ champagne lounge and bar – Caesars Palace

*Requires a company membership with the Self Storage Association and dues in the YLG. To join the YLG, please go to


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Friday, September 11


7:00a – 8:15a        Breakfast Buffet and Networking


7:00a – 10:00a      SSA Membership, State Affiliates, Products & Services Booth


7:00a – 10:30a      Cyber Café


7:30a – 8:20a        Hot Coffee/Hot Topics (2 Sessions)

Bring your questions and concerns to these sessions and collect new ideas to improve your business. Experienced self storage professionals will provide valuable information and insight on the topics at hand.


Session 1 – Web Marketing Straight Talk: Who is The Real Boogeyman?

You can’t thrive today without being good at web marketing. But without knowing the market and its players, it’s hard to say just how good you need to be.  Here's the truth: There’s no secret formula for getting to the top. There’s just a tried and true method that works. The big guys know this; they’ve been using it for years.  This presentation uncovers their method and shows you how to manipulate the web and leverage your strengths to compete with the big players. You’ll see what they're doing and how you can replicate their method on a small budget. We’ll also unravel the mysteries of PPC and SEO, arming you with tactics to implement today to make the web work in your favor. Backed by 5 years of research, this presentation exposes the realities of the online landscape for operators more candidly than ever before.

Presenter: Chuck Gordon, Sparefoot


Session 2 - Innovative Design Techniques for Successful Self Storage Facilities

You’ll learn key aspects in facility design in order to maximize occupancy and rental rates. New build, conversions, remodels ... they all have the potential to command a sophisticated clientele willing to spend more for a premium facility.  Specific topics include, overall site design/layout, conversions, office design, user-friendly multi-story design, exterior design, landscape design, and community relation through facility design.

                           Bruce Jordan, Jordan Architects Inc.


8:30a – 9:45a        Special Panel Session

“Keeping Your Customers’ Data Secure”

Data breaches, EMV, ApplePay are all heightening security awareness while confusing those who are responsible for it. How has the self storage industry been impacted?  What are the right questions to ask to make sure that you are doing all that you can to protect your customers and your business.

Presenters: Phil Tucker and Tiffany Nordgren, OpenEdge


9:45a – 10:00a      Break


10:00a – 11:15a    Closing General Session

“Live from Vegas: The Self Storage Legal Network’s Legal Power Hour”

A Q&A session for owners and managers addressing the latest legal and regulatory developments impacting the self storage industry. Hear two of the nation’s leading self storage legal experts discuss the topics that pertain to you and your business. Our attorneys will be your attorneys and take your questions for as long as time permits. This session will be well worth staying over an extra night in Las Vegas—free legal information brought to you by the Self Storage

Legal Network.

Presenters: Carlos Kaslow, Self Storage Legal Network and SSA General Counsel and Scott Zucker, Self Storage Legal Network / Weissmann Zucker Euster Morochnik P.C.




Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (7:30am to 8:20am)

What’s on your mind?  Lots of great ideas here.  Bring a question, describe a problem, and get an answer from your colleagues.  Our group of professionals will guide the discussion among the audience. Breakfast is available each morning so visit the buffet and pour a cup of coffee, and join other industry professionals for some top-notch, lively discussion and networking.



Guest registration includes entrance to the Welcome to Las Vegas Reception (Wednesday, September 9), Breakfast Buffets (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), entrance to the Trade Show, including Lunch in the exhibit hall, and the Closing General Session (Friday, September 11).


Opening General/Keynote and Concurrent Sessions, Special Meetings,

Hot Coffee/Hot Topics, and Roundtable Discussions are not included in the Guest registration fee.  Those who wish to attend these events should register in the Additional Rep category.  Guests who are not registered will not be permitted to participate in any event.


The SSA Trade Show

For over 40 years, SSA has continued its commitment to provide the necessary tools and resources you need to help you move ahead of your competition.  Our exhibitors display the best and most innovative products and services you need to develop, build, and operate your self storage business.  Talk with our vendors.  Whether you are a seasoned veteran or an industry newcomer, you are sure to find many great resources in the exhibit hall. 



Our sponsors enable us to provide you with professional, knowledgeable speakers, first-class meeting facilities, and a wide variety of conference amenities, while still keeping our registration fees affordable.  We extend a sincere THANK YOU to the SSA sponsors for their generous, enthusiastic support of the Self Storage Association.



Bader Company



Jernigan Capital



Charity Storage   

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MiniCo Insurance Agency, LLC.

On The Move Inc.

Storage Treasures / Storage Battles

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